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Important Techno Legal Services

  • Chemistry & Pharmaceutical.
  • Medical electronics & Medical technology.
  • Biotechnology & Life sciences.
  • Electrical & Electronics.
  • Semi-conductor.
  • Computers & Software.
  • Mechanical.
  • Renewable Energy Technologies.

Legal Services

We are a leading service provider for the Techno Legal Services. Most of our registered Patent agents are also Law professionals with techno-legal qualifications. It help them in patent search, analysis and drafting of high quality patent applications which stand the test of time. Our patent illustrators provide high quality and aesthetic patent illustrations complying with PCT and USPTO office guidelines.

Trademark Search Tools

We use the most advanced trademark search and watch tools available in Asia. It is capable of providing Boolean search, AI based contextual search, fuzzy search, proprietor analysis, opposition analysis, check vulnerability level of a given mark etc. We also use the public Trademark search facility provided by Trademark registry, India and Trademark search facilities provided by Trademark offices across the globe.

Patent Search Tools

We use paid and unpaid search tools provided by various Patent offices across the globe. Our experts provide Prior art searches, Novelty searches, Patentability searches, Invalidity or Validity searches, Clearance or Infringement study, Free To Operate searches, Accelerated Examination searches for USPTO, Non Patent literature search, Bio-sequence searches, Markush structure searches.

Legal Research

We use most comprehensive, technologically advanced, artificial intelligence based and intuitive legal research tools. We also use various software to track and manage cases.