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  • Patent prior art search.
  • Freedom to operate (FTO) searches.
  • Preliminary advice on the patentability of an invention.
  • Drafting provisional and complete specifications (Ordinary/PCT/USPTO/Convention) applications.
  • Filing and prosecuting PCT national phase entry in all designated countries.
  • Patent illustrations.
  • Patent watch/monitoring services.
  • Patent landscape analysis.
  • Preparing responses to office actions and attending hearings.
  • Maintenance of patent by paying annuities.
  • Legal opinion on infringement issues/Patent infringement analysis.
  • Cease & desist legal notice.
  • Filing oppositions and revocations.
  • Alternative dispute resolution/Negotiating and settling patent disputes.
  • Litigation in matters relating to patent rights/defending against allegations of infringement.
  • Drafting Assignment and License agreements.
  • Monetization of potential patents.
  • Post Grant Opposition and defense.
  • Technology Scouting services.
  • Due diligence.