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Trademark/Service Mark

  • National & International Trademark search.
  • Advising on the registrability of Trademark / Service Mark.
  • Filing and prosecuting trademark applications in India (including Well known, Multi-Class, Series, Collective & Certification).
  • Filing International trademark application as per Madrid protocol by claiming priority.
  • Filing trademark applications in individual countries.
  • Filing EU community trademarks.
  • Prosecution (oppositions and hearings).
  • Registration of a Trademarks or Service marks in India or worldwide.
  • Preparations of Trademark caution Notices / other warning notices to be published from time to time.
  • Maintenance of a Trademark, ie., periodical payment of renewal fees, recording the changes of ownership of Trademark / Service mark etc.
  • Legal advice on infringement of a trademark, passing off or any kind of unfair competition.
  • Cease & desist legal notice.
  • Alternative dispute resolution/Arbitration and conciliation.
  • Litigation in case of infringement, passing off or any kind of unfair competition.
  • Assignment/ Licensing.
  • Post Grant Opposition and defence.
  • Due diligence/ Brand valuation.
  • Monetization of Trademarks.
  • Assisting in purchase of Trademarks.
  • Takeover and Portfolio management services.
  • Naming consultation services.
  • Trademark watch services.
  • Border control measures.
  • Raid & seizure support with the help of law enforcement agencies.